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Window and Building Façade Cleaning

We provide teams of seasoned window cleaners that can respond to all types of window cleaning needs. Our team of cleaning professionals are all highly trained, skilled and experienced with all relevant qualifications. Our key services:
  • Ground Level Cleaning – Cleaning up to heights of 60 feet from ground level using distilled water, fed through carbon fibre poles.
  • High-Level Cleaning – Where possible we will clean windows and buildings from ground level however, this is not always possible. In the cases where we need to reach higher levels, we have the know-how, expertise and equipment needed. Our high-level cleaning operators are IPAF qualified. They can use mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPS) and cradles. They are also RISQS approved abseiling specialists who will not only efficiently clean windows and façades at extremely high levels but will also carry out maintenance and inspections.
  • Building’s Façade – Through using a variety of high-level cleaning equipment, we can access even the most difficult to reach parts of a building. Abseiling and rope access cleaning services can also be used to reduce the risk of disruption to your work day, respect the integrity of the building and reduce the need for costly maintenance works.