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Waste Management

We offer a variety of services for waste collection and support with environmental options of disposal and recycling. Our waste services include:

  • General waste collection
  • Recycling scheme management, implementation and collections
  • Confidential waste management
  • Clinical waste management
  • Fly-tipping clearance and clean up

We take our environmental responsibility seriously and constantly look to reduce the impact we and our customers have on the environment, we do this implementing and supporting with recycling schemes, diverting as much waste as possible from landfill. The management of recycling and segregation can be made even easier when combined with a daily contract cleaning service.

We provide clear communication, flexibility and efficiency which are tailored to your specific requirements. Services are delivered using proven and approved supply partners, so that you can be sure that your waste needs are dealt with responsibly and sensitively.

For more information on best practices in waste management and recycling, visit the UK Government’s Waste and Recycling Guide.