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Technology and Innovation

We are commited to seeking out new technology and innovation that suits the needs of the customer and improves performance and working practices. From software tools to robotic cleaning and sensor technology, we aim to identify potential efficiencies that are sustainable and smart.

We believe that innovation is central to providing a best in class solution, which also plays an important part in achieving business objectives such as carbon reduction and making best use of resources.



Enhanced Commercial Cleaning Services,

with (IoT) Sensor Technology

Using sensor technology we are able to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Through monitoring footfall and occupancy levels of specific areas, such as washrooms, real time data directs cleaning where and when it is needed rather than traditional scheduled tasks. Making use of clean completion reporting and on demand cleaning we are able to reduce complaints and save time, potentially directing time value added tasks. In addition to supporting efficient cleaning practices, the same sensor technology platform can be used for HVAC monitoring and energy management. Customisable dashboards then mean you only see the information that is important to you. HW works closely with existing supply partners to provide innovate solutions that can be tailored to your specific building and needs.


Through our supply partners we are able to keep you up to date with latest co-botic solutions along with expert advice for their implementation and suitability. HW propose where possible the use co-botics within all new proposals as well as to existing customers where appropriate. The use of robotics to clean flooring in commercial cleaning has become common place, most suitable and cost effective for large open spaces. Co-botics defines a collaboration between robotic cleaning machines and human cleaning operatives. At HW we find this an exciting innovation to come to commercial cleaning which can increase overall satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. In addition, switching from traditional manual scrubber dryer machines, co-botic equipment can save significant amounts of water, up to 139,412 litres of water annually in comparison. Whilst co-botics are for the most part autonomous, they do require some human intervention. We therefore provide specific training and support when implementing to our customer sites. All machines come with a full maintenance agreement and support from our supply partner.



We understand the importance of progress and we do not believe in standing still. It’s important to us that HW are forward thinking market leaders, adopting the best innovation and innovative ideas there are to offer, with a goal to be more productive and provide the best quality service. We achieve this through encouraging our teams to challenge, giving them time to seek out innovation, attending events and shows, research, surrounding ourselves with a network of likeminded suppliers as well as designing our own bespoke solutions.

Chemical Free Cleaning

HW have partnered with ICE for the supply of chemical free cleaning. The patented Diamond-technology in the ICE AquaSmart range produces aqueous ozone which is one of nature’s strongest cleaning agents. This process turns tap water into 03 and is simple to use. HW have many customers either using or considering this form of cleaning. Using no chemicals, this product is a natural cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser and is completely safe to use on all surfaces, making it a serious consideration in any cleaning operation. Chemical free cleaning is also an environmental consideration; reducing single-use plastic waste, delivery journeys and CO2 emissions.

For larger sites, the AquaSmart Max is most suitable which produces up to 11 litres of Aqueous ozone per minute and almost completely negates the need for chemicals. For smaller sites, there are more affordable options, including the small hand-held Nano, which is perfect for all surface cleaning and sanitising.

Although at HW we strive to use chemicals that are non-hazardous and kind to the environment, where possible and suitable we look to implement chemical free cleaning solutions.

Communication and Consistency

Time and Attendance

We have invested in software systems to handle time and attendance and scheduling, helping us to operate effciently and improve our practice. Our software provides us with insight to identify problem areas and well as highlighting good practice

App Auditing System

We use a mobile app software to manage our auditing system so that we can efficiently manage quality and safety. This platform provides us with inspection checklists which generate auditing scores and action plans where needed.