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At HW, we have a strong commitment to sustainability, caring for people and planet in equal measure.


Our Environmental Values

We collaborate with our stakeholders and support our suppliers and clients on their environmental journeys.

We aim to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

Continually reducing our emissions, we are committed to our journey to Net Zero and hope to achieve this by 2035.

We aim to provide quality service, whilst understanding, measuring, and making positive changes to our interaction with the environment and society.

We focus on making sound environmental choices in everything we do and inspire behavioural changes in our workforce to promote sustainability.

What we do

We focus on making the right choices for the environment and look at innovative ways to reduce our impact.

Chemical free cleaning

We promote and implement where possible options for chemical free cleaning. A process which turns tap water into O3, known as Aqueous Ozone, produces one of nature’s strongest cleaning agents, with no requirement for single use plastics, the need for delivery journeys and eliminates almost all health and safety considerations which exist with traditional cleaning chemicals.

Closed loop recycling

We find solutions to recycle waste created from the cleaning process, to avoid land-fill and adding to our customers waste streams.

Environmentally conscious cleaning products

We have selected the Jangro Ntrl Range for our everyday cleaning products. Jangro Ntrl makes use of super concentrates, recycled plastic containers and re-usable trigger spray bottles. These products are safer to use, made from plant-based extracts and all manufactured in the UK.

Sustainable paper products and consumable items

We work closely with our supply partners to provide a range sustainable paper products and consumables as well as innovate dispensers to reduce usage. Some considerations may include the use of recycled paper products, UK made, plastic free and soluble sachet soap.

Reduce water usage

We implement cleaning methods and equipment that use less water, whether it is flat-mopping or equipment that filters and reuses water, we are mindful of our water consumption and the impact on climate change.

Low carbon travel policy

Our policy helps us to reduce our emissions. In practical terms this involves minimising journeys wherever possible, the use electric, hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles, reducing average speeds as well as a well-maintained fleet. We also look to employ locally wherever possible, reducing unnecessary journeys.


Equal Opportunities

& Diversity

As an equal opportunities employer, we are committed to creating and ensuring a non-discriminatory and respectful working environment for all of our staff.

Our business policy documents set out clear expectations of the way we operate and create consistency thoughout our organisation.

Our policies are available from the links below:

Employee Relationships

We pride ourselves in building and maintaining positive employee relationships. Employee motivation, satisfaction and mutual respect are crucial and add stability to our business. Of course it is our managers who know our individual cleaning staff best and they are key in supporting and signposting anyone needing information or support. We realise that, like all humans, our staff may go through highs and lows and that these can sometimes impact both personal and work lives. We provide an Employee Assistance programme (EAP) to all of our staff which provides professional help in those times of need. Our People Department is another port of call for anyone needing support.

Charity, Social Enterprise, Diverse and

Responsible Suppliers

At HW we believe it is important we do what we can to support charity and work with responsible suppliers that share in our ethos.

Where possible HW look to work with social enterprise, diverse and responsible suppliers. We’re proud to say we currently work with companies such as Hey Girls, Serious Tissues, Radient Cleaners and Simply Washrooms; a list we’re always looking to grow and add to.

In addition to the companies we work with, each year HW supports a charity of the year, with regular fund-raising activities we encourage our team to support the charities we believe in. As well as fundraising we support volunteering both for our own chosen causes and our customers.

Living Wage Foundation

We believe that everyone deserves a wage that meets their everyday needs – the cost of living continues to rise and it is important that wages keep up with this. We are proud to be part of the Real Living Wage Foundation as a recognised service provider. By paying a real living wage, wherever possible, we are able to support our employees, keeping work morale high and increasing productivity.

Health & Safety

The safety of our staff and clients is paramount. Safe Contractor approved, we irradicate risk where we can and minimise it wherever possible.

We ensure that our Health and Safety site packs are fully accessible to all of our operatives and are working documents.

Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so we ensure that our staff are fully trained to keep themselves and others safe.